Tattoos or Decals on Clay

This design was copied from a tile site with hundreds of tile designs. You have GOT to check this site out. I hope you have a fast internet connection and a fast computer because this link connects to a MASSIVE page.

Using Invent-It's temporary Do-It-Yourself body tattoos, you could have printed your own tattoos on an inkjet printer. But instead of putting the tattoos on me, I put them on polymer clay. ;-)

Sadly, Invent-It either went under or at least stopped making the tatoo product. However, there are many replacement products now, for ink-jet and laser printers; products where you can print onto a special decal paper, then transfer the printed image onto something else like clay or fabric. Try a search for products like Lazertran.

Click on the image to view a total of six tile designs I tried.

To the left is the tattoo (decal) applied and baked onto polymer clay. The piece is about 2.25" x 2.25" and thickened slightly in the middle to mimic a pillow. One side has the flowers, the other - swans.

If you click on the image, you see a slightly larger than actual size photo, showing both sides. I wanted to try to capture the crinkly textured effect these decals made after baking. It's speculation at this point, but I don't think this surface would need nor take a Future or Flecto Varathane finish. The surface seems pretty durable.

I may try small realistic photographs next.

Here is a small box, decorated with the Invent-It's decals. Click on the image to see all sides.

Have a great polymer clay time.. ;-)


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