Halloween Polymer Clay Horns


1) Make 2 horns about 1-2" long, each with a base that is about 1/2 wide.

2) With the end of your pinky finger or something equally small and rounded at the tip, push it into the base of each horn to create a shallow bowl-like area.

3) Place two bobby pins on the work surface in the following manner; have them form a narrow "V", with the loop ends touching. The bobby pins should be vertical so when looking straight down, you only see two bars, when looking from the side, you see the loops, etc.

4) Press the base of the horn onto the bobby pins, where they meet. Pick up the horn, invert it and trap the two bobby pins into the horn by adding a few bits of clay.

5) Determine whether the horn you're working on is for the left or right side, the angle the bobby pins need to be inserted into your hair and then gently curve the horn in the appropriate direction.

6) Gently place on your head to test their balance, size, curvature, etc. Then remove, bake and cool!

It took me about 10 minutes to make the two horns. Now I'm all dressed for the Halloween! ;-)

Have a great polymer clay day. ;-)


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