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This page lists polymer clay related tutorials I've produced, including how to make or use tools to drill, shape, sand, tumble, buff, and bake polymer clay. Plus there's a bit about my favorite tools - pasta machines. ;-) Thank you for visiting.

   Polymer Clay Projects & Techniques

Polymer Clay Tools


Abrasive Buffs - DIY

How to make your own Dremel-like abrasive buffs.

Bead Baking Tools

Three simple tools I use to help bake those polymer clay beads.

Bead Drilling Jig

With a Dremel, its drill press, and a simple jig, see how it's an ideal setup for drilling into lentil shaped beads.


Bead Roller - Handmade

See my handmade clay bead roller.

Better Dremel Buff Wheel

Practical, simple instructions on how to make a felt polyester wheel, ideal for buffing polymer clay.

Better Dremel Mandrel

Practical, simple instructions on how to make a customized Dremel spindle that holds more than one buffing wheel.

Buffing Basics

Bewildered by whats and hows of buffing polymer clay? Step inside for an introduction.

Giant Extruder

Use a giant clay extruder for polymer clay fun.

Koil Kutter

A visual supplemental guide to using a Koil Kutter to make jump rings.

Little Torch by Smith

A visual supplemental guide to using the Smith Little Torch with disposable tanks.

Narrowing a Pasta Machine's Width

Want a skinny Skinner blend? See how to make your own simple jig to narrow a pasta machine's width.

Pasta Machine - Basic Use

Ever wonder how to use your pasta machine properly? Well, for polymer clay, not pasta, for goodness sake!

Pasta Machine - Basic Care

How your pasta machine can discolor clay and instructions on how to quickly disassemble your machine to reduce discolorations and streaks.

Pasta Machine - Extreme Care

How to completely disassemble both sides for cleaning, lubricating and adjusting. (For serious pasta machine mechanics ;-)

Pasta Machine - Trattorina Care

How to disassemble for cleaning and lubricating. Also tips on how to remove those heavy noodle rollers. (For master pasta machine mechanics ;-)

Photo Setup - "Black Ice"

Here's a low cost way to setup and special photographic lighting method that creates high end jewelry photos, using a shower curtain and chopping mats.

PhotoEZ Stencil Making

Clear and complete instructions on how to make your own wonderful stencils using a photo-sensitive material called PhotoEZ.

PhotoEZ Stencil Use

Got some PhotoEz stencils but don't know how to use them and treat them right?

Sanding Basics

Making sense of sanding polymer clay? This might help you.

Sanding with a Mouse

Adapting this nifty orbital sander to wet sand (sort of) polymer clay surfaces.

Thwock Sanding Lentil Beads

Attach a mini suction cup to a drill and super-sand your lentil in seconds!

Tumble Buffing Polymer Clay Beads

How I use white denim, etc. to tumble buff polymer clay beads to a satin finish.

Tumble Sanding with River Rocks

How I use rocks to tumble sand (abrade) polymer clay beads.

Tumble Sanding with Sandpaper

How I used to use sandpaper to tumble sand (abrade) polymer clay beads.

Tumbler Liner for a Lortone

Those black rubber tumblers staining your polymer clay beads? Read how I solved that problem.

Tumblers and Polymer Clay

Most tumblers are for rock tumbling. Using them for polymer clay may be a little different.

Tumbling Media

Most tumblers are for rock tumbling. Using them for polymer clay may be a little different.

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