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Complex Canes

  This pattern reminds me of some kind of snake or other reptilian skin, but many folks have mentioned being reminded of other things. If you're interested in learning how to get this effect, click here to see the tute.

  playing with dual color gradient effects


  "Reeds and Bubbles" or maybe "Reeds and Frog Eggs"? Eeewwww. These are way outside my comfort color zone, but it's fun to disturb zones every once in a while. :D

  My spotted langloisia cane scraps ends, manipulated using Natasha Flechsig's "Magic Bead" method, were used to make these pendants. What a great way to use up cane ends! They still need to be strung.  These pendants are approx. 3" long.


  Faux Fabric Cane
  An unbaked skinner blend flower. It's roughly 3" - 3.5" in diameter. I think this is my first sculpted flower. I'm researching on how to bake it so that it retains it's curled petals and shape. It sits on a bed of polyfill.

  Kaleidoscope cane slice. Design based on a technique taught in a Sarah Shriver class.
  Another kaleidoscope cane slice.

 Grove & Grove pin from their "Feather Series"
  City Zen Cane (Steve and David) earrings

  A basic woven cane slice
  Orange to blue color gradient without doing the skinner blend method.

  Title: "Harry and the Flames:
  Another basic woven cane slice

  Title: "Intricity"
  1st basic woven cane slice, I learned in Sarah Shriver's Intricate Cane class. Click here to see a pendant necklace I made, using this cane as the centerpiece.

Titled "Sea Plants", this is a collage of scraps from a cane that, to this day, I still can't figure out how I did it! ;-) I do know it involved 2 Skinner blend strips, but then CRS kicks in! ;-)

While unpacking (for the umpteenth time ;-), I found these cane slices, slices I purchased years ago. The detail in them is incredible and they have been one of my sources of inspiration when I do my polymer clay canework. Click in the image to see a more detailed version of this photo.

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