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  "Copper Vines and Graps" A cooper filligree cuff with a polymer clay focal and copper rivets.


  "Wire Doodle Cuff" consists of a core of one thick copper wire, then embraced with various thickness of brass and copper wire and tubing.

  "Bach" ( it's full name - Blue and Copper Holidays). I made this one for the South Bay Polymer Clay Guild's 2008 gift exchange and potluck.


  "The Phoenix Cruise". I made this one for the Polymer Paradise 2008 Carribean Cruise.

  "Flowers Cha Cha" bracelet. Tis part of the first real bracelet/pendant set I've ever made. I used one of my PhotoEZ stencils to apply the flowers, then added a few little embellishments.

Named 'Cha Cha' because I made this set as demo samples for Donna Kato's clay at the CHA 2007 show.


  Cha Cha pendant & bracelet set.


  My second bracelet for 2006. Variation on a theme. I wanted to use sterling silver instead of brass. But I still slipped in a little brass and copper.

I made the bezels just before Sandy Camp 2006, decorated them during Sandy Camp (which is held at Warner Springs Ranch in southern CA) and patina-ed it just after the event. Wonderful event, wonderful place.

So I'm calling this one "Warner Spring's Energy".


  All the curls and waves remind me of waterfalls, so I'm call this pendant and cuff set "Victoria's Set".


  This is the final version of "Golden Leaves". I wanted to incorporate more polymer clay.

While initially concerned about altering, it turned out to feel better and, I feel, look more balanced in design.

Golden Leaves featured as a project in Art Jewelry Magazine's July 2007 issue and their 2011 Polymer Pizzazz 2


  "Golden Leaves" My first new bracelet for the 2006, just in time for autumn.

The above photo was the 1st version. Three of the links are composed of brass and one of ivory colored polymer clay and brass embellishments.


  "Lapis Cupris". My first bracelet for August 05. This time it's nearly all copper with a faux lapis focal. And I am actually modelling it! Note hairy arm!

Learn to make your own faux lapis lazuli.


   My second sterling silver woven wire & beaded cuff. I selected the bead colors in spirit of the upcoming 4th of July. The oval focal bead is definitely impressive in design, weight and thus impressive in price!

  Inspired by the Woven Wire class (by Lisa Claxton) I took at the 2005 Bead & Button show! This is a sterling silver wire cuff with Bali silver and glass beads. Gasp! Not a molecule of polymer clay in the whole thing!

  Queen's or Box chain maille bracelet with hematite focal bead.

  My third sterling silver woven cuff. I felt like Pink for the focal! Don't worry, it doesn't happen often. :)


   A bangle-ized cuff? Honestly, I haven't checked out the difference between the terms; cuff, bangle, etc., but I wear this thing on my wrist.

This is a non-woven one, "Brass & Glass" all the way! Sterling silver is definitely nice, but brass is more of my kind of wire. I just don't know why. ;-)

  "Fire in the Hole!" My 5th cuff is accompanied by a matching necklace pendant! This time it's woven brass wire - 28 ga. Sterling is nice, but brass hits my comfort zone better. The focal piece in the cuff and pendant are faux polymer clay with brass embellishments. Both focals are framed with solid brass wire.

Bracelet only view

Why the name? While making the pendant of this set I had my very first polymer clay oven fire! Yup, after 13 years of error-free baking, I blew it and blew it big time! :D

I wasn't too upset, since the resulting mess was really rather impressive. The total collection that I stuck in the oven included several index cards for the pendant to rest on and the pendant itself which was composed of a brass wire frame, some brass nails and polymer clay. When activating the oven to bake, I apparently set the oven to microwave instead of convect. You can imagine the consequences.

But the wire frame was only dirty. not damaged, so I gave it a second chance by using it in the pendant you see above.


   "My Beloved". My latest woven cuff with a faux Lapis heart shaped focal. Click the image to see a larger image. Click here to see the heart in detail close-up.

Wanna make your own faux lapis lazuli?

The faux lapis heart is built upon a heart-shaped brass frame with brass tubes soldered to the frame to allow the bracelet's warp wires the flexible movement needed with a cuff bracelet design that needs to flex a lot.

  "Flames!" My first bracelet, ever! At the time, I wasn't into wearing things on my wrists or fingers, I had to try making one. The cane slices that decorate the surface reminded folks of flames, hence the name. This image shows the same item from top and bottom views.


  This closed round maille was the first chain I wanted to make but it became the 3rd one I made. The trick is finding directions that were clear to me.

I started this pattern several times, but got stuck fairly early each time. I couldn't decipher any of the instructions I found. Thankfully, Chris Weisiger (Derakon) produced great instructions. His update worked for me! I really love this pattern.

Other site for weave instructions:

  My second chainmaille bracelet - Queen's chain - made with 16 ga. copper wire. I made the jump rings, then assembled them. It's about 8 - 8.5 inches long.

   Byzantine chain maille segment bracelet with glass beads.

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