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Romper Room, part 1 (Pins, Frames, Lights, Odds & Ends...)

  "Dante's Spoon"; a mokume gane decorated tablespoon


  I had one of those spoons with the colorful plastic handles. Well, the plastic handle finally broke from the spoon and left itself wide open for a redecorating experience. Somehow I believe a few more like spoons may suffer the same fate soon. hee hee.

  Inspired during Donna Kato's recent pod and bracelet class. I call this "Cool Zippered Flames". These are two pods fused into one pendant.


  "Crazy Patch Pod". Another creation inspired by Donna's class. They may look like separates, but they're fused into one pendant.

  "Fractured Sunset". I discovered this effect completely by accident.

Brain off, do something without thinking, get an expectedly cool effect.   I love those polymer clay moments. ;-)


  This strange thing is an experiment in surface treatments using slices from an extruded cane. The slices were deliberately cut at varying lengths to create this dimensional effect.

  "Tsunami". I think this is my first official interpretive piece. While playing with some cane scraps, the news about the Christmas '04 tsunami was on TV in the background. Without really thinking about what I was doing, this pin suddenly began taking shape!

This piece is approx. 2" X 1.5". The colors represent the tropical areas struck hardest. The wavy lines represent the tsunami. The destressed look conveys the destruction. The gaps in the pin's body represent the lives taken by the tsunami.


 These pins were created using the stamped mokume gane technique I saw demonstrated by Barbara McGuire. The left one is actually a collage of the shavings from this pendant.

  I toyed with the ghost imaging and impression techniques using a rubber stamp (and lots of sanding ;-). Check Diane's site for lots of good info about how to do ghost imaging.


  "Heartful Tears", a PhotoEZ silk screened collage pin.

  3-in-3 chain necklace with blue transparent glass beads and swirly lentil focal bead.


   A mini Zen Garden! My first garden of any kind. Actually, not all of this creation is polymer clay. The sand is real. :)

The rake, one stone and the sea shell are polymer clay. The frame is approximately 6.5" X 6.5" and about 1" deep.

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