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Boxes & Covered Tins

  A gift for a friend. I haven't made these little rainbow altoid covered puppies for a while and I don't know why. Looking at them always perks me up. What little treasures they can store. :)

This one is kinda blue-sy because I'm gonna miss seeing my friend every day. She's about to embark on another adventure.

   I've officially lost it. :) I've begun putting big feet on the bottoms of these little mint tins. Some of them give me such giggles every time I look at them. Oh, click here to see the top view.

 This one was inspired by the claw footed furniture and bathtubs of olde. The top and legs are stenciled with little blue flowers; the top has a stenciled Phoenix.

  My green footed box with a rainbow top backed with a strand of purple beads.

 "Pink Lady"

  Asian themed box with stenciled bamboo and faux hammered gold plating on the finger grip panels.

Top front
  These mint tins feature the crackle effects of Jaz tempera paints. I learned how to use these paints in Tony Aquino's class. Tony's a Van Aiken rep, the same company that makes Kato clay. Tempera paints are water based and after being painted and drying on clay, will crackle very nicely. On these boxes you can see the background of each plant panel on the tops of the boxes are crackled and the base of the boxes have crackles.
  Closeups so you can see the panel backgrounds better.

Top view Side view Bottom view - a little computer humor ;-)
  A covered altoid; made in Tory's weekend BonBons workshop. This mixed media project includes polymer clay, brass wire mesh, copper metal shavings, copper wire findings and copper beads.

 Yes, once in a while, I actually make a box without using an Altoid as the base, but I try not to do that too often. This box is decorated with Invent-It body tattoo/decals. Click on the image to see more.

Click Tile Heaven to see some wonderful tiles.

   The above box is included with a couple other boxes and pendants I made in "Classy Clay", a Design Originals publication.

 A covered Altoid tin and a nekked one! ;-)
   My first kaliedoscope topped Altoid box.

 These are the mini Altoid boxes. If you leave the regular sized boxes in a dark box long enough, they make little Altoid boxes.
   "Mystic Paradise". Click on photo to see its dear little feet!

"Pretty in Pink & Blue". Click here to view step by step instructions for covering your own tins.
   "Tropical Banana". Another one of a series of my Altoid tins covered with a braided rainbow cane. To view step by step instructions on making this kind of beautiful cane, check out this link at Polyzine.

 "Rustic Flight". The bird image and background pattern were silk screened on the top.
   "Phoenix Screened". Click on photo to see an inlcuded side view.

 "Strawberries and Blueberries". Lid is decorated with a framed embedded cane slice.
   "Sunset Warmth". Lid is decorated with a framed embedded cane slice.

 "I Love Rainbows". Rainbow heart-shaped Altoid. Yes, Altoids makes a heart-shaped tin! Teal, golden yellow and pink trim. The base is covered with a pink to golden yellow skinner blend and little ball-in-ball feet.
  Heart purse, made from two heart shaped Altoid tins. The shoulder strap was made with heart shaped glass beads, spacer beads, barrel and crane swivels, polymer clay and twisted nylon cord. Click on the photo to see several included views of this project.