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Necklaces & Pendants (part 4)

  Welcome to my very first lariat necklace. A lariat necklace is defined as an open ended long strand necklace that doubles over on itself, ties or loops in the front, no clasp used.

This one is composed of polymer clay beads, freshwater pearls, copper and seed beads.


  Gotta do something with all those cane slices, you know. :) This is my latest pendant necklace. No silk screening this time. It's all canework.

It's composed of three panels, one bigger center panel and two attached smaller panels. The center piece (shown above) is approx 2.75" across, 3" long.

  Another dual-sided silk screen pendant. This piece is shaped rather like an elongated clam shell. It's hollow and approximately 4" long, 2.5" wide.
 Brass Hands necklace. with s-curls linked to brass swivels.

  The above pendant is a joining of two curved and silk screen decorated shield shaped pieces, size: approximately 4" long and 3" across, 1" deep.
  The above image shows a panel of three different pendants where both sides are decorated.

 "Tip o' the Hat". My second copper project - a pendant necklace. It started out as a pin, but it grew and grew! I'm learning a bit more about metalwork as I go. This project also contains glass beads, copper foil, and polymer clay that was textured and dusted with interference powder.
  This necklace features the Butterfly Wing pattern beads. Accents include white bicone glass , blue and gold glass, hollow bicone brass and some gold color metal beads. It is strung on SoftFlex wire and finished with a brass bar and circle closure.

 "Golden Eye" textured pendant. Both this one and the one above were published in Classy Clay, a Design Originals publication.
  Faux turquoise "Donut". Actually it's a reburbished donut... Long boring story. Nevermind. ;-)

 My first faux "mokume gane" (wood grain metal) project; necklace and earrings. This necklace also contains antique glass beads and brass fishing swivels. A friend of mine suggested I call this necklace "Sky" because the pendant reminds her of sky and clouds.
  Made with varying resolutions of a bullseye or lace cane, textured spacer beads and some silver accent beads strung on buna cord. To learn how to do a lace cane, click here.

 A simple faux horn necklace
  This pendant features scraps from some Butterfly Wing pattern beads. Because the pattern, color and detail characteristics in this particular project resemble porcupine quills, I call this a "Quill Pendant".

  Football-shaped Premo metallic beads necklace. These beads were cut using a technique Mike Buesseler method taught me. Click here to learn more.
 "Green Trades" necklace with agate, new jade and glass accent beads. This is my oldest necklace, at least 16 years old and it's held up very well.

Last update to this page: 19 july 08. Send comments, questions or suggestions to Desiree McCrorey.