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Necklaces & Pendants (part 3)

  Introducing Autumn Ascension! It took a little contemplating to figure out how to string this pendant, but tis done! The brass framed polymer clay pendant is about 2in wide X 5in long, with an 18in chain consisting of graduated sized wire framed polymer clay beads. Click the image to see more.

Click here to see closeups.


   Introducing a Spotted Langloisia wildflower cabochon shaped pendant or at least my interpretation of that flower. I stumbled upon some pics of the flower and thought it would be a wonderful one to cane.

This necklace consists of the cab, a flower decorated tube bail and a hand made brass chain and clasp. The cab is about 1.25" wide x 2" long, the chain is approximately 20" long.

If you want to see pics of the real thing...

  This is titled "Blue Crown". The top panel is blue pearlescent with a captured translucent white glass bead. The main panel is faux ivory with a captured blue glass bead. The entire pendant is embellished with brass findings.

This pendant and how to make it are featured in "Art Jewelry's" Jan2005 issue.


  This pendant is titled "Hidden Heart" because while you can easily see two on the head piece, there's another larger one on the main panel. Hidden heart, primarily composed of polymer clay, also has brass wire, brass pins, swivels and Jasper beads.

   I call this piece "Parentheses One". The pendant is primarily composed of clay, including three mokume gane patterned lentils. The strand is composed of glass and brass beads.


  A star based design panel and a decorated horn. These pieces have been treated to look like antique ivory. The panel sports hammered brass wire, brass pins and Dumorite beads.

  "GullWing Spree" has lots of motion elements, aside from the "wingy thing" in the middle and the coiled patterns. The two black & white speckled beads at the top and base of the pendant can spin.


  "Blue Arc Gull", this faux antique ivory pendant has a strong ivory capped navy pearlescent arc for the head piece. This panel is decorated with hammered brass wire coils, brass pins, brass swivels, and a clear blue fidget bead.

  "Lace Back". Don't tell anyone, but I like the back a little more than the front. You'll need to click on the image to get a peek at the front and the back.


  "Ivory & CocoBolo". Where did this come from? Frankly, I don't know! My muse takes total responsibility for this one. I simply followed orders. :D

  Beaded Brass Stave. Before deciding to bead the frame, I envisioned it vertically. But once I placed some beads on it, the wires had to be horizontal, so the beads could freely slide back and forth. Frame close-up.


  My muse decided to dance! ;-)

The lines were stenciled on using a PhotoEz screen.

  "Tribal Snowflake" pendant is composed of polymer clay, hammered brass wire, brass pins, glass and brass beads. The black & white speckled bead at the bottom is free to spin to help keep those fidgety fingers busy.


  "Tuxedo Soiree".

This necklace is composed of polymer clay, matte black glass and silver metal beads, and sterling silver wire.

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