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Necklaces & Pendants (part 2)

   Meet "Cleo". This mega necklace is made of red brass, weighs 7 oz., and is 27" long.   

This started out to be a roundmaille snake project, but for some reason I didn't want to close it into a tube, opting to leave it open. The fringe is composed of brass swivels.

4in1 necklace closeup


  "Casablanca Podsters" has now become a necklace's pendant. It's actually reversible because I did the back in a good way.

  Post Sandy Camp 2007. I have named this one "Brandy & Chocolate".

After demoing how to make my Butterfly Wing cane, I had to make some beads, didn't I? :D   I can't wait to see what I'll *have* to make due to the next Sandy Camp.


  All the curls and waves remind me of waterfalls, so I'm calling this pendant and cuff set "Victoria's Set".


  Nope. I've not gotten religion. This is for a relative. But I must admit I really do like it! I guess I'll always be a sucker for faux ivory and brass pieces. I just may make one for myself. :)


  "Diablo's Cell Phone". That's what I call it, anyway, hee hee. This appears heavy but it isn't because it was made over an aluminum foil core.

Click the image to see a larger pic. Click this to see more of the chain with the pendant.


  At last! I finally made something from those addictive swirly lentils (aka "Torquies"). This is a graduated size beaded necklace, with glass and silver spacers. It is approximately 22" long.

Click here to learn how to make your own swirly lentils!


   I'd like to introduce you to my first faux amber bead necklace. It includes Bali silver and Indian silver beads, turquoise and some kind of wood beads.

Surprise! No brass swivels! :D

  "Flames, Tears & Curls", composed of soldered sterling silver wire armatures. My intent was to fill the armatures with polymer clay to make this necklace match (somewhat) with my "Warner Spring's Energy" bracelet.

I still may do that, but I want to enjoy this open structure for a little while.


  Finally, finally, I made myself a chain long enough (27") for a necklace. Then I attached a toggle clasp so I could add one of my Butterfly Wing clay beads.

The chain pattern is byzantine; 18ga 4mm ID SS rings.

  "Refurbished" tis the name because refurbished is its game. This pendant went on one of those gastric bypass diets.

Seriously, I wasn't too happy with this one in it's past life (look to the right) so I trimmed down. Now I like it a bit better.


  Look familiar? This was "Spiral Madness"; or you might consider this to be the pre-reburbished version of "Refurbished".

I kept it hidden for a while, thinking maybe I'd grow to like it after a while. But no dice. So I decided to play editor. Look to the left to see the results.

  Inspired by Kathleen Dustin's class I took in Feb06. She guided us through some marvelous layering, color, pattern and translucent techniques.



  "Nine". This pendant sat in a drawer for quite a while. Why? Frankly, I don't really know. But it called to me recently, to come out of the 'drawer'. :)

What's noteworthy is the blue coloring was done using what was then called "Fiesta" inks (aka Pinata). The color is still a brilliant and clear as it was a year or so ago.


  "Poda Pendant". This is my first woven wire and faux ivory pendant, built on a brass wire frame. It's 4" tall and 1.5" wide. The woven wire and embellishments work are also brass.



 A pair of mokume gane style pendants, sporting the new Lumiere Halo Pink Gold paints in the craters.


  This one I title "Spring Crazy". It reminds me of those crazy quilt patterns and since there's so much green and blue in this piece, it reminded me of spring.

This very large necklace is composed of polymer clay, strange little toothy beads and sead beads. Click on the image to see a larger pic. Click here to see the back view.

It's large and heavy enough, I'm giving serious consideration to counterweighting it!


 "Sun Craters"; created using a simple polymer clay mokume gane technique on a Skinner blended stack. It's strung on duck decoy cording and embellished with black tube and antiqued brass beads.


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