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Necklaces & Pendants (part 1)


  Who knew Michaels A&C would carry a stylish finding? Their bronze color wire mesh bow was irrresistible. So I paired it with a faux ivory pendant and beaded chain I made.

Don't expect to find this finding. I think I bought them all!


   I got a copy of "Wrap, Stitch Fold & Rivet". I really liked Mary's "bead shelf" idea, so here's my first bead shelf.

Her name is "Calliope".

   "The Copper & Brass Mining Company of 1917."

If you don't ask me to explain the title, I'll be happy. I'd have to ask my muse since she titled it and she's grumpy when questioned. ;-)

I'd like to say this project was inspired by Keith LoBue's found object work, but since I made most of the parts in this necklace instead of finding them, it's not too related to his awesome art.


  "Chained Swirl Love".

Copper chain, copper heart, copper toggle clasp and a swirly lentil polymer clay bead. The chain is approximately 25 inches.

The chainmaille pattern name escapes me at the moment. I made up the pattern. But since chainmaille has such an extensive history, this simple pattern has got to have a name.

  "Crazy Patch Pod" as a necklace; inspired by a recent Donna Kato workshop. It's strung on decoy cording. You can click the image to see front and back view and how I attached the cording.


  "Asai" - my lapis lazuli necklace.

Well, faux lapis. ;-) I've always wanted a classic strand of blue lapis. Do you want to learn How-to make faux lapis?

This project is another tribute to the chameleon aspects of polymer clay - an imitation of the 'Stone of Lazvard'

   "Casablanca Mirage", a strand of Casablanca Beads.

Mirage because they take on different visual properties depending on how you look at them.


  When beads like this are strung like they are... they can look like two different colored beads when viewed from certain angles.

Even more unexpected, when viewed from afar, they look like basic black to cream color gradient beads. But after getting a closer look, many have said,"Ooooh, there are lots of colors in those beads. Cool!"

  Introducing "Jade & Copper Dreams". And yes, there's some brass is in there, too.There's something about combining the jade green and coppery red that I love. The faux jade 'pillows' are linked together with my favorite finding - brass swivels.


  Introducing "Ivory & Brass Dreams". The faux ivory pieces are framed by 12 ga wire, have various inlays and are linked together with brass swivels.

  I'm calling this articulated pendant "Berber Dreams".

Channeling a carousel horse or some Moroccan tribal artist, am I? That's the only explanation I have for this. I can't honestly say if I like it yet, but it's still captivating me when I look at it. I'm still pondering, "Where did that come from", "Did I make that?"

You might assume I first looked at either a bunch carousels or northern African jewelry, etc., then made "Berber Dreams ". But sorry, in this case, it was the reverse, or at least I think it was! :D


  What's curious is I can now see some distant similarities between the two seemingly separate style worlds - carousels and Mediterranean art. Maybe it's just me?

I'm gonna study northern African tribal jewelry some more. I really like Tuareg and Berber styles. I gotta see what else my muse might make me do.

Check out these for some amazing Berber, Tuareg, Algerian jewelry:

  "Silver Seabreeze" necklace. Polymer clay cane pieces wrapped and linked with sterling silver wire.

My latest and thus my favorite necklace. I guess that makes me a fair-weather necklace fan! :)


  "Flowers Cha Cha" pendant & bracelet set. The first real bracelet/pendant set I've ever made. I used one of my PhotoEZ stencils to apply the flowers, then added a few little embellishments.

Named 'Cha Cha' because I made this set as demo samples for Donna Kato's clay at the CHA 2007 show.

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