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PictureDiffs Puzzles

I've recently gotten addicted to those picture puzzles where you're presented with two pictures that are nearly identical. You're supposed to spot the differences between the two pictures.

So I've decided to start making my own - for the amusement of all! Please be patient. They take some time to make, so it may be a while before there's a nice big collection.

"Beads Galore": a collection of beaded necklaces and a few stranded beads. There are at least 14 differences between these two photos.
"Clay Dreams". There are at least 21 differences between these two photos. Some are easy, some... not so much. Can you spot them all?

"Marathon". OK, so not exactly polymer clay related. :) There are at least 9 differences between these two photos.
"Meals A'Plenty". After running a marathon, you'll be hungry. There are at least 7 differences to drool over.



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