South Bay Polymer Clay Guild Since 1994

Welcome to our home page. We hold monthly meetings at the Yu-Ai Kai Community Center (588 N. 4th) in San Jose, California and host outstanding classes. Join us to share ideas and an enthusiasm for polymer clay art work. We include jewelry makers, doll makers, sculptors, stampers, miniaturists, and anyone else who wants to learn more about and do more with polymer clay and related mixed media. Levels of expertise range from beginners through teachers and published artists. Anyone is welcome to join.

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  Meetings for 2016 - 2017  
Dec 9   6:30pm
All members and guests
Potluck and Gift Exchange
Jan 13   7:30pm

Feb 10   7:30pm

Mar 10  7:30pm

April 14   7:30pm

May 12   7:30pm

Jun 9  7:30pm

Jul 14   7:30pm

Aug 11   7:30pm

At every meeting:
  • Class Announcements
  • Event Announcements
  • Member Announcements
  • Show & Tell
  • Library
  • Demonstrations or Presentations
  • Guests may attend their first meeting at no cost. All subsequent meetings are $5 each.

    Guild Classes  
    TBA TBA Yu Ai Kai Community Center


      Member Meeting Highlights  

    Debbie demonstrates her techniques to members.


    Join Us

    When and Where We Meet  
    South Bay Polymer Clay Guild Member Meetings are held on the second Friday of each month, at 7:30 PM.  We meet at the Yu-Ai Kai community center near 4th and Jackson (588 N. Fourth St.) in San Jose, CA 95112. Our meeting room is on the second floor, accessible by stairs and elevator.

    SBPCG Board Meetings are usually held quarterly. Please refer to the guild website for the exact scheduled date and time. All members are welcomed to attend the board meetings.

     Google Maps: 588 N 4th St, San Jose, CA 95112 (Yu-Ai Kai Nutrition Center)

    Your first guild meeting attendance is free. All subsquent visits are $5.00

    If there is a guest speaker and you are not a member, we request a $5.00 visitor donation to the guild.

    Become a Member  
    You come to a meeting and pay your fee (see below) or contact us at:

    Please provide contact information when you request to join:

    • First and last name
    • Email address(es)
    • Phone

    Fee Schedule  
    Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
    $30 if you join in Sep, Oct, Nov
          $22.50 if you join in Dec, Jan, Feb
                $15 if join in Mar, Apr, May
                      $30 if you join in Jun, Jul, Aug; fee covers through Aug of the next year


    Class Coordinator's Guide

    Be a Great Class Coordinator  

    Volunteering to coordinate a SBPCG class for an instructor is rewarding job that's chocked full of lots of little, easy tasks. Nearly everyone, including instructors and beginning coordinators might underestimate all the things that need to be done to make sure a class gets an adequate number of students to sign up and that the class runs smoothly. This page is to help you understand what should be done and why for the best outcome.

    One key to getting lots of signups is promotion. Even if the instructor is a well known polymer clay artist, don't rely on reputation alone to sell the class. As coordinator, you can maximize the chances of people being interested enough to signup if you:

    • regularly attend the guild meetings and enthusiastically announce the upcoming class during the meetings (start announcing at least two meetings before the class occurs),
    • provide samples and/or a portfolio of the artist's work so people gain a very clear idea of the artist's style and what they can expect to learn in the class,
    • submit the details about the class (description, cost, time, etc.) to the guild web master and newsletter editor to further promote the class,
    • make it as easy as possible for people to contact you by regularly attending the meetings, putting an email addy and/or phone number in the newsletter and on the guild web site so people can reach you.

    Checklist Items

    Coordinating is comprised of lots of little details, so it helps to make a check list. When you talk to the instructor, don't be afraid to ask if they will waive their class fee for you in exchange for coordinating the class for her/him. If they doubt how much work is involved, show her/him this guide! It won't hurt to tell her/him the South Bay Polymer Clay Guild has top notch facilities for holding a class (the Yu Ai Kai Center). Back to top

    Here are the details of what you need to do if you are coordinating a class: 

    1. You need SBPCG Board approval to schedule the class. This is generally very easy to get. But they will need to know some details about the class. If you haven't already done so, establish a dialog with the instructor. If she/he is interested in teaching at our guild and get as much of the following information as you can:
      • Instructor's name (duh!)
      • Title and description of class
      • Candidate dates or, if far enough out, possible month or season
      • Cost per person for the class
      • Materials/supply list
      • Samples, photos, portfolio, etc.
      • Minimum and maximum number of students
      • If the instructor is willing to waive class fee in exchange for your coordinating services (The coordinator does not automatically get a free class)
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    2. Travel and Room Cost Reimbursement Policies for SBPCG
        Instructors traveling 200 miles or more to the class location (one way) are eligible for travel reimbursement from the Guild budget.
        For eligible instructors, the Guild will cover one-half of an instructor's travel costs up to $175 without exceeding the amount budgeted for travel for the year. The Board will adjust the dollar limit on travel reimbursement as needed when the annual budget is determined.
        The Guild will budget sufficient money for travel to accommodate up to three eligible instructors per year, but may consider reimbursing additional instructors on a case-by-case basis.
      • STUDENT CONTRIBUTION TO ROOM COSTS FOR CLASSES If there is no or a reduced cost for the room, students will not be assessed the usual $5-$10/day room fee.
      • Let the instructor know right away that the guild will manage the cost of the room (if there are 10 or more signups), but the guild doesn't arrange travel, lodging, food or any other necessities. The instructor must incorporate those expenses into the class fee if they are traveling long distance.
        The guild does not pay any fees in advance of the class.
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    3. Schedule date and times with the instructor. 10am to 5pm Saturday and/or Sunday is our normal schedule. If it's a one day class, we usually schedule those for a Sunday, since metered parking is free on that day.

    4. Call the Yu Ai Kai center: 408 294-2505 (ask for Julie) and see if the largest room on the 2nd floor is available on the date(s) you tentatively planned with the instructor. The largest room at the center can nicely accommodate around 30 - 35 students. Ask the room scheduler to put you on the calendar for the desired date (and from allow a 1/2 hour pre and post the class times), but put a question mark on those dates until you have received checks for the class from at least 10 people.

    5. Ask to have your class announcement put on the member meeting agendas. If available, bring samples or photos of the instructor's work for members to view. Begin taking signups for the class. Anyone who signs up must give you a check at that time. Give out a copy of the materials list (if available) to people as they give you the check.

    6. As it is disrupting to the class and unfair to paying students, please remind students that visitors cannot be permitted in the class, except at the discretion of the instructor/class coordinator. People performing functions for the class, such as delivering equipment, supplies, etc. or photography are not considered visitors.

    7. When you have at least 10 signups, call Yu Ai Kai at 408 294-2505 and confirm the dates of room rental. Get a check from Debbie Anderson for the room rental fee, which is $75.00 per day. Put this check in an envelope, include a note giving the dates you are reserving the room for, and put the envelope in the mailbox in front of the Yu AI Kai Center at least one month before the class.     Back to top

    8. Give the student checks to Debbie Anderson (one of the treasurers), so that she can deposit them.

    9. Talk to the instructor to find out what special supplies are needed for the class, such as convection ovens, pot holders, polishers, projectors, etc.  Get volunteers to bring the necessary items. The two guild convection ovens reside with Debbie and Becky. Contact them if you'll need the ovens and arrange to pick them up and return them. Neither Debbie nor Becky are responsible for bringing the ovens, but they might if they are attending the class.

    10. Ask the instructor if it's okay for guild photographers to take pictures of the class in progress. The pictures will only be used on the guild website. The volunteer photographer can be one of the students, preferably someone with a digital camera.

    11. Also ask the instructor to be clear about whether students are permitted to teach what they've learned from the instructor.

    12. Calculate the amount the instructor will be paid. You need to get a check from Debbie Anderson prior to the class, unless Debbie is in the class. The day of the class,  take attendance and make sure everyone has paid for the class.  Give the instructor the check. 

    13. You are responsible for cleaning the room, putting the tables and chairs back where you found them, etc.
    Class Hosting

    One the day(s) of the class, your role is to help the instructor. You can introduce the instructor, help with handouts, help make sure samples, supplies, tools are accounted for by class end. Here are a few tips for "hosting" the class.

    • Ovens should be turned off 40 - 45 minutes prior to the class end, giving the ovens time to cool down before transport. This means the final bake should start about an hour before class end.
    • Baking times may need to be limited to 15-20 minutes to give everyone a chance to bake. Final and proper bakings can be done at home.
    • General clean up should begin 20 - 30 minutes prior to class end. Ask people to help return chairs and tables to their original locations, remove food/clay from tables and floors, etc. People get messy when being creative!

    Expert Advice

    If you have questions, contact Debbie Anderson, since she is our most experienced coordinator - phone:(408) 998-5303 , email:, or contact any board member.

    If a cancellation is requested more than 1 month prior to the class and there is more than the minimum number of signups required to hold the class, a full refund will be given. Less than 1 month prior to the class, if there is over the number minimum required, the fee will be refunded minus $20. If the requested cancellation brings the number below the minimum required, the member is expected to find a replacement or pay the full fee. If there is a emergency (such as medical or family), it will be decided on a case by case basis by the instructor.
    Cancellation Policy  

    Sometimes things happen. We want to be as accommodating as possible.

    • If a cancellation is requested more than 1 month prior to the class and there is more than the minimum number of signups required to hold the class, a full refund will be given.
    • If the cancellation is requested less than 1 month prior to the class and if there is over the number minimum number of signups required, the fee will be refundd minus $20.
    • If the requested cancellation brings the number below the minimum required, the member is expected to find a replacement or pay the full fee.
    • If there is a emergency (such as medical or family), it will be decided on a case by case basis by the instructor.


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