TOOLS My Homemade Bead Roller

This is a prototype oval bead roller made from polymer clay. Actually, there are two sizes of bead rollers. The two big pieces made that larger B&W oval bead.

I made a smaller roller half, slapped a little handle on the top and used one of the larger halves as the base, to make the smaller oval bead.

The straight sided blue cylindrical glass vase was the template for making the two large roller halves. The small metal rod (to the lower right of the blue vase) was the template for making the smaller roller half. I used the smaller roller half with one of the larger halves as a base. Too lazy to make a matching size for the smaller roller. ;-) But it seemed to work just fine.

My next prototype will possibly be to add textures in the roller halves to give the beads some textured surface treatments, rolling some pattern interest into the beads.

The pattern possibilities are endless, you know!   ;-)

There's nothing better than having a great tool when you need it.


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