Making Hands by Hand

Pardon the different colored hands, it has nothing to do with making them. The dime is included to give a sense of scale. Simple tool set: #2, 3, or 4 knitting needles and blade (tissue blade or single edge razor blade, etc.)

A.   Start with a nice little ball.

B.   Roll ball into a cylinder about 1.5 inches long and a little larger at one end. The smaller end will become the wrist.

C.   Use your thumb to flatten the larger end until it looks like a flat paddle.

D.   Use a blade to cut away a little notch on one side.

E.   The little segment that remains after the cutout? - pinch, pull and shape into the thumb. Smooth and round any cut edges using your finger tips and the knitting needles.

F.   Make three cuts, as shown in F. This is the beginning of making four fingers.

G.   Smooth edges with finger tips and needles to round over cut edges and the spaces between all the digits. Use a finger to push in the center of the hand to form a slightly cupped palm. Gently push up the clay along the base of the thumb to form that large rounded base thumb muscle (opponens pollicis muscle to you anatomists :).

Most importantly, use your hands as the models. They have all the design secrets. I hope this is enough to at least get you started.

To see some of my "hands" in a project, click on the hands below.

Have a great polymer clay day. ;-)



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