Furbabies - 1st crew

I've devoted these pages to my furry friends. This page has become the one dedicated to the sweet souls who've crossed the rainbow.

I've had Brandy since May 1990, when she was 8 weeks old. Meisha and Endy are from Brandy's second litter.
Brandy crossed the rainbow 27Feb10.

   It feels like it's taken about 16 years for all the forces to come together so I could capture this kind of shot. Announcing, the pink tongue of the Brandy! hee hee


  Brandy's likely thinking, "Humans make adequate overstuffed furniture... purr..."

Little does she know this piece of furniture will soon flip her over and kiss the furry belly!

  Brandy, Slumber Queen!
  Brandy in Meisha's favorite spot: on the patio on her chair, soaking up some sun.

 Brandy is half Abyssinian and half Somali (long haired version of an Aby).
  Meisha, Brandy's only daughter, massaging a fluffy rug.

  Ah, the Brandy belly, offered for kissing.
  Endy (short of Endymion) looking too precious! Endy was Meisha's brother. Endy: 1992 - 10 Dec 2006. He and his sister were most beloved, precious and sweet.

  Ah, the Endy belly about to be kissed.
  Endy, growing weary of paying the bills.

  This is my memorial to Meisha, a very sweet furbaby, who passed away 21 Jul 2001. She companioned me for nearly 10 years. I miss her sweet soul each and every day. I felt lucky to capture her while she sunned. Isn't she sweet? Meisha's was 3/4 Abyssinian, 1/4 Somali, Brandy's only daughter.
  Meisha in Brandy's favorite spot: on the patio on her pink pillow, soaking up some sun.
  Neither Meisha nor I knew this would be my last photo of her. Otherwise, she told me, she would have put on a little more makeup and her best fur coat.
  She always loved a good snooze.

  Meisha and Brandy's favorite game together: "The Boxing Match". They usually played this at least once a day, with Meisha always being the initiator. Meisha's the one on her back.
  Step one
  Step two
  Step three
  As you can see, they've really just been modeling for the camera. ;-) Silly babies.

  Itasca, a warm, beautful soul.
  Stella, enjoying the sun.

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