Furbabies - 2nd Crew

I've devoted these pages to my furry friends. OK, I'm basically a cat person, so the pics are mostly of cats. But I do enjoy nearly all animals; well-behaved dogs, fish, birds, turtles, lizards, large slow moving snakes, squirrels (they crack me up!), etc. I don't even mind a few lady bugs and butterflies. ;-)


   Nicole, June 2015


  Casey, July 2014

   Casey & Kyra



   Casey holding Kyra


  Kyra holding Casey

   How many kitties can pile under one incandescent bulb? Yes, a nice, warm, energy guzzling light bulb? Apparently, three friendly cats can pile; Kyra, Nicole, Casey.


  Kittens Nicole and Casey. OMG, too cute.

   "Kyra" is a very sweet and a bit skittish cuddle-love. I adopted Kyra from the Tony La Russa Animal Rescue a month after adopting SalvaVita.


  Kyra is a dainty little thing. Here she is posing sweetly, probably wondering why some strange little dark gray box with a glass eye is staring at her.

   This is Nicole, half of the dynamic duo of cuteness. I adopted 3 month old Nicole and her brother, Casey, from the Fremont Animal Shelter in Nov 2010.


  Did I mention cute? She and her brother appear to be at least 50% abyssinian. Nicole has the ruddy coloring.

   Introducing Casey, Nicole's brother. Casey is a classic young male as far as energy goes. He's all over the place; pouncing and attacking.


  Casey is quite a fan of my reading glasses. At least I think he is.

   Nicole, warming her belly under the afternoon sun.


  Wanna see me beat up my silly brother? Click on the image.


  Thomas, my brother's cat, is an acquaintance. He's a full-fledged long hair sweetie.
  Thomas, at full gallop.

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Vita; now residing over the rainbow in an endless catnip field.

   "Salvavita" means life saver. I found Vita at a PetCo. She's the first cat I rescued/adopted. She had a very strong personality and piercing eyes; but mostly she reminded me of Brandy.

Vita meant a lot to me. I hope I meant a lot to her. She passed 22 Aug 2011. She died in the space she wanted to live; outdoors predating the backyard gophers and rats. She was a great hunter.


  Vita, twice blissed


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