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Local Shots

I'm definitely no photographer. I rely on whatever camera I have to do most of the work. Fortunately, digicams are getting better and better at automatically doing whatever needs to be done.

My latest camera, Canon A640, is a 10 megapixel joy. My experience with it in the past couple of weeks has been a quite satisfying, the complete opposite of my history with my slightly older digicam, an Olympus Camedia C4000. That thing was possessed!

My Canon has special modes I can actually understand. It's got this really cool LED display that flips and tilts. It doesn't vaccum battery life. And it's a nice size; not too big or small.

So, I've gone a little camera-crazy, taking various shots - other than arts & crafts or furry baby pics. And I knew this camera was special when I was able to capture Brandy with her tongue sticking out. Normally, when I even think about taking a picture of her, she bolts.


24 Mar 2011: After quite a bit of rain today, the creek level shot up dramatically (2-3 feet) compared to the previous day; hovering approximately 5-6 feet above its autumn level last year. And I think that green bushy thing in the middle of the water was an almost upright tree yesterday.

This is not a pretty springtime shot. This is a cold Silicon Valley autumn shot in my backyard. Can you find ALL six birdies? They are truly well designed to match their surroundings.

Mini blinds - extra large spider.

This completely freaked me out when I casually walked into my room, turned on the light and saw this thing across the room 10 feet away. For me to say I'm not fond of eight legged critters like this would be the understatement of the century.

I used my Dyson vaccuum cleaner's wand to get it, but even with that powerful suction, this thing didn't let go right away. After throwing this monster in the trash bin outside, I had to drank heavily to reduce my jitters.


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